A large number of people have worked on different aspects of the UCE approach, including creating the laboratory methods to collect the data and the computational methods to analyze the data. Below, we have identified a list of approximately which people/groups did what.


Contributed to the code

Developed the UCE approach

  • Brant Faircloth (LSU)
  • Travis Glenn (UGA)

Contributed to the UCE approach

  • John McCormack (Occidental College)
  • Robb Brumfield (LSU)
  • Mike Alfaro (UCLA)
  • Nick Crawford (Boston Univ.)
  • Mike Harvey (LSU)
  • Roger Nilsen (UGA)
  • Brian Smith (LSU)
  • Laurie Sorenson (LSU)
  • Kevin Winker (U. Alaska - Fairbanks)

Contributed samples, funding, time, comments, etc.

Additionally, the following individuals have contributed samples, funding, laboratory work, computer code, documentation, or all of the above:

  • Mike Braun (Smithsonian)
  • Noor White (Smithsonian)
  • Ed Braun (U. Florida)
  • Rebecca Kimball (U. Florida)
  • David Ray (MsState)
  • Seán Brady (Smithsonian)
  • Jesus Maldonado (Smithsonian)
  • Jonathan Chang (UCLA)